We know the church in America is experiencing a substantial decline in membership and participation. Therefore, we resolve to be part of the solution as a new church forming community in new ways to reach the next generation of people in America.

We know the church in America is experiencing a substantial decline in membership and participation. Therefore, we resolve to be part of the solution as a new church forming community in new ways to reach the next generation of people in America.

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The 20th Century model for building churches focused on church buildings, whereas we believe that the future of the church is to focus on how to build the community first.

Instead of creating a large church building that is surrounded by a sea of parking and only used once or twice a week, Century wants to create a campus that is vibrant throughout the week because: (1) it has buildings that cater to the needs of the entire community; and (2) they are designed to be so welcoming and comfortable that people will simply want to hang out there.

Forge Partnerships.

We will create partnerships that matter! In the future, Century’s campus will be home to entrepreneurial incubators to help people start small businesses that our town desperately needs as it continues to grow. There will be non-profit collectives that bring services to our local community as well as collaborative national and global initiatives. There will be space for community events that will remind people of the importance of doing life together.

Do it with Adventure.

Do it all with adventure! Churches are not normally known for their adventure and creativity these days, but it wasn’t always that way. In fact, some of the great movements in human history started with the church. We believe an adventurous and creative approach toward loving a community in bold ways will awaken people to God’s love.

Be a Model to Others.

Century Church wants to serve as a model to get these elements right for other congregations around the nation. We are prepared to lead boldly into this next chapter of reaching people with the good news of Jesus Christ. With your help, we can create a new path that just might revitalize communities with a life-giving model for sharing Jesus with the next generation.

“This is our opportunity to follow Jesus on an adventure to reach people with a thoughtful, caring design that invites them to engage God in a relationship.”

The Plan.

Our new urbanism church-planned model at The Well seeks to help build and sustain the fast growing town of Pike Road, Alabama. This plan will solidify our DNA as a congregation “for” the community. We like to say we are a “Community First” church!

In short, we want people not looking for Jesus to visit The Well and come to the realization that Jesus has always been looking for them. We will do this with strategic partnerships from like-minded for-profit and non-profit organizations that will create a hub of activity all week long.

Can you imagine a church so ingrained in a local community that the core values of that local congregation become the core values of the entire town? This is precisely the goal for Century Church. We want to leave a legacy of living out the good news of Jesus and loving people into a life-changing relationship with God. If we can do that, everything gets stronger – people, marriages, families, neighborhoods, businesses, local politics, and schools. We believe the local church is called to be the catalyst of such a movement. This is why we want our people to be Century Strong for the community!

The Land.

The purchase of land was a significant step for our church in 2018. We immediately invited the community to come and dream about all the possibilities through an organized charrette. Through that gathering, 23 architects, designers, engineers and planners from 18 states and two countries worked with our church to design the first new urbanism church-planned designed community (more on that below). From that initial group, we hired a renowned local architect firm (Seay, Seay, and Litchfield) to aid in its completion.

As Century Church was planning to move forward, the world was faced with a global pandemic in early 2020. As a result, we moved from a portable church in a local public elementary school to primarily an online church for seven months! It was then we designed an outdoor venue that allowed people to feel comfortable again to worshipping in person again. This decision was difficult, but in the end has provided the pathway to move forward with our master plan. We call our land, The Well.

The Building.

The first building on the new property will be designed with the needs of the community in mind. While we will meet the needs of our church family, we must never forget that the surrounding community is our mission field. We will strive to design a new kind of church plan that gives itself away sacrificially, demonstrating the sacrificial love Jesus has for each of us.

It is time to move from an outdoor venue into a permanent space that will help our young town continue to prosper for years to come. Therefore, we resolve to build a multi-purpose building with an outdoor/indoor stage. This structure will seat 250+ people for community events and church activities. It will be a place for kids, youth and adult activities to take place seven days a week. Our town needs a space like this one to gather, launch small businesses, and to dream about future possibilities in Pike Road.

As for the church, we will worship in this space on Sundays. It will also be used for kids, youth and adult ministries alongside our beautiful outdoor spaces at The Well.

Project News and Updates

Infrastructure Complete!

2023 was a groundbreaking year for  Century Church! In February, we officially broke ground on our infrastructure package. We kicked of this endeavor with hope

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https://vimeo.com/920161492 Over the past months, as we embarked on our journey to expand and grow our church, we have closely monitored our plans for the

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Timeline To Build – 2024


Approvals & Raising Funds

Final construction documents approved and financing secured from an approved lending source . Continue Capital Campaign fundraising.



Ongoing construction of the Gym building.


Grand opening

Doors open for our first permanent building!

“The first building will chart a new course for churches. We must be willing to love on the community with a boldness that is unafraid to engage the citizenry that call our towns and cities home.”
We are asking for Kingdom Investors to give generously to The Century Project. You can be part of seeing a new century of believers find their place and live into their God-given callings through supporting this new endeavor.


$1.75 million dollars

Commitments and Donations:

$1.25 million

Still Needed:

$500 Thousand

God did it!

It was faithful people and churches from far and wide that made this possible.